CBT in Schools


Would your school benefit from having a service that manages the emotional regulation of your pupils?

Alison has spent over 20 years working with families and children. Starting Work as a Nanny, running playgroups and supporting young vulnerable adults. For the last 10 years her roles have included teaching whole class,  providing additional SEN teaching provision for school action plus children and working as a SEAL coordinator in primary school.

She trained with the Therapy Team at Bolton Behaviour Support to enable her to work with young people with emotional health needs carrying out counselling in school. In order to make her role more effective she trained as a CBT Therapist to equip her with more strategies to help the children to manage their feelings.

Currently she works as a CBT Therapist contracted to work in school and has her own private practice where she provides one to one therapy to children and adults.

Her role in schools involves managing the vulnerable children in collaboration with the Head Teacher. She’s able to carry out a base line assessment¬† for low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, anger and defiant behaviour. The children are signposted to other services if this has been assessed to be more appropriate. After the intial assessment, evidence based protocols are used flexibly to meet the needs of each child. Treatment outcomes are then measured.

Alison is passionate about carrying out preventative work with children so they can learn to regulate their own emotions.

If you believe your school could benefit from this service please contact us.